Vincent B. Martin, B.A.


Vincent grew up in Buffalo NY, then moved to the West Coast to attend Portland State University for Business and UCLA for Screenwriting. In 2012, a personal health struggle led him to leave his career in photographic and video work. He discovered Dr. Ida Rolf Institute and began training there. Drawn to Hawaii’s healing properties, he also trained as a massage therapist at the Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork on Kauai. Having discovered his passion for manual therapy but seeking additional rigor, he completed the Advanced Rolfing Certification at Dr. Ida Rolf Institute in Boulder in 2013, and Advanced Rolfing Certification at the Guild for Structural Integration on Kauai, HI in 2014. He trained with original students of Dr. Ida P Rolf, learning both original teachings as well as modern methods based on the latest research.

Vincent chose to become a Rolfer because he believes in the unique effectiveness of the therapy to heal body and mind. Over the years, he has seen remarkable benefits for a wide variety of clients with many different needs. He considers himself a healing guide, drawing on his depth and breadth of training and experience to help each client achieve their maximum potential. When not Rolfing, Vincent enjoys skiing, snowboarding, trail running, photography, reading, and music.

Curriculum Vitae


  • The Neck and Cranium: A Bio-mechanical Craniosacral Approach to Session 7. Sally Klemm. Feb., Oahu, HI.

  • Inner Spaces of the System of Fascia and Membranes. Peter Schwind, PhD. Sept., Whidbey Island, WA.

  • The Fifth International Fascia Research Congress. Connecting Key Issues: How Fascia Research Can Impact Health Outcomes. Nov., Berlin, Germany.

  • TMJ Intensive. Manual Techniques to treat TMJ dysfunctions. Fascia strain patterns and tissue morphology. Peter Schwind, PhD, Heike Jager, PhD. Nov., Berlin, Germany.


  • Rolfing after Rolf: Holism in an evidence-based world. Jan Sultan, Juan Davide Velez. Oct.,Claymont, WV.

  • Rolf Institute Membership Conference. Oct., Claymont, WV.


  • Decision Making in the Ten Series. Mark Hutton. March, Soldotna, AK.

  • Pain Science for Structural Integrators. Neuro Orthopedic Institute, Robert Johnson. April, Denver, CO.


  • Guild for Structural Integration - Advanced Training. Emmett Hutchins, Neal Powers. April 29-June 6, Kauai, HI.

  • The Aesthetics of Balanced Movement: Flow in our Work & Our Lives. Jane Harrington, Vivian Jaye. July, Boulder, CO.

  • Neural Fascial Mobilization: Relating the Layers-Cutaneous, Muscular, Visceral and Neuromeningeal Fascias. Jonathan Martine.  Nov., Boulder, CO.


  • Rolf Institute Phase II, Kevin McCoy. January, Boulder, CO.

  • Rolf Institute membership conference, Bridging the Worlds of Health: Rolfing® Structural Integration in Relationship with Complementary and Conventional Healthcare. August, Boulder, CO.

  • Rolf Institute Phase III, Larry Koliha.  Dec., Boulder, CO.


  • Balancing the Cranium - Bio-Mechanical Cranio-Sacral workshop. Sally Klemm.  January, Kauai, HI.

  • Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork. Massage licensure program - A Psycho-Spiritual-Therapeutic Approach to Connective Tissue therapy, Lee Joseph. Jan-June, Kauai, HI.

  • Rolf Institute Accelerated Foundations, Phase I.  John Schewe. August, Boulder, CO.


  • Rolf Institute of Structural Integration.  Phase I, Foundations. Michael Polon.  August, Boulder, CO.

  • Rolf Institute Membership conference, 40th Anniversary. August, Boulder, CO.


  • Professional program in Screenwriting, UCLA School of Film and Television. May, Los Angeles, CA.


  • Bachelor of the Arts in Business: Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis. Portland State University. May, Portland, OR.