Client Testimonials

“I just completed the ten session Rolfing series with Vincent and I'm SO glad that I gave myself this gift. Not only have some little nagging aches and pains vanished, but i'm certain I've gained height. This is great as I was only 5' 2" before. I feel like my dancer self from my 20's has returned and at 52, feel like this ten week session has taken years off my age. People have been commenting on 'how great I look' and I think it's my stature! Vincent has a comfortable yet commanding air about him that at once makes you feel you are in good hands. And literally, you are. SO worth it!” -Mikaela J.

“Truly life-changing! I went to my first session with Vincent thinking I would just check it out, having no expectation to do more than a session or two. I had heard of rolfing before, but wasn't really sure about it. From the beginning, there was a noticeable difference in how I felt in my body, and by the end of my 10th session, I was experiencing more energy, better posture, and my recurring tension headaches disappeared. My body felt noticeably lighter after the sessions. While I love my massage therapist, who is extremely talented, I have never had such noticeable and long-term effects from body work as I have from this 10-series rolfing experience. I highly recommend setting up an appointment with Vincent. He is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and skilled at his work, which he does with such calm energy and a kind heart. And the healing journey does not end in his office because he gently supports you in carrying the work with you into your daily life. I have so much gratitude for Vincent for offering me a new way to walk through the world.” -Christy D.

“I am a climber, skier and hunter and did the advanced 5 series with Vince as well as sessions periodically over a 2 year period.  I have Rolfed with others and Vince is tops.” -Steve J.

“Because of a hospital stay 10 years ago where I was unable to get up and move around for 3 months, I had have been experiencing lots of aches and pains that weren’t being addressed by other therapies. I needed someone who could address whole-body reintegration, and was happy to come across Vincent’s Rolfing booth at Multnomah Days street fair this past summer. He gave me a short treatment there, and provided me with his contact info, with no pressure. I just finished the 10-session Rolfing series with Vincent, and I’m very happy with the results! My posture is better, I am moving more freely than I have for many years, and chronic pain in my shoulders, ankles, knees, and hips are much improved! Vincent’s office is in an older Portland downtown building, surrounded by construction, but it is clean, simple, pleasant, and comfortable, with a Smart Park garage located only a block and a half away. I find Vincent to be very professional, caring, and trustworthy, and I plan to continue to see him monthly to continue to build on the improvements I am feeling.” -Rita M.

“I am so happy I did a 10 series with Vincent. At first, I was apprehensive about the financial investment, but I can say with total confidence, it was very well worth the investment! The series significantly improved my health. Vincent is remarkably professional and supportive. He very effectively teaches your body to support itself, while gently teaching you to support your body. There was an emotional and physical healing from my Rolfing series experience. Emotionally, since being in my 40s, I have felt at odds with my body, disappointed, like I was in a fight to make it cooperate with what I desperately needed it to do. With very little effort on my part, Rolfing from Vincent, flipped a switch, and now I can listen to my body like she is an old friend telling me what she is experiencing, allowing me to respond with patience and build her back up. I'm healthier, my relationship with my body is healthier. Physically, a couple of weeks after finishing my 10 series I was scheduled for my annual biometric health screening at work, and somehow, I am an inch taller than I have ever been, and 10 pounds thinner. I've always wanted to be taller and thinner, mission accomplished . Most importantly, I am more comfortable with far less pain. I highly recommend Vincent and I highly recommend you do this for yourself.” -Carlee C.

“I have been telling all of my friends about Rolfing & Vincent.  He has really helped with my chronic SI joint pain and poor body mechanics-it's amazing how much taller I feel when walking.  I actually got more relief from 2-3 sessions than I did with 2 months of basic Physical Therapy.  I did the full 10 part series and so glad I did and will now do some maintenance visits as needed.  This is a wonderful addition to Pilates & Yoga if you are looking for long term relief and muscle/joint release.” Liz S.